From the very beginning Mike was very helpful and patient. He is very skilled in what he does and is also very creative which is a bonus!! Mike was very good at listening to my idea and how I had wanted my website to look. He was also very good at contributing to my ideas of how I could improve the presentation of my website. One thing I really liked about Mike was that he always took my feedback on board and he was very understanding and generous with his time. I found Mike very approachable and he was very efficient and quick at completing my website. Mike kept me in the loop every step of the way of designing my website and I valued this as I was able to input right the way through.

I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone who wants to create a website or a logo- as he did both for me! Mike was very helpful and I really enjoyed working with him and he is truly great at what he does!! Thankyou for helping me to start my business!!